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What is social farming?

Social farming is a completely unique sector. Social farms combine (mostly organic) agricultural production with opportunities, especially for people with health and social disadvantages. Opportunities in the form of employment, use of social services, educational activities, but also therapies.

We, at SoFarm, focus mainly on supporting those social farms that, based on mutual respect, create and maintain jobs for employees with special needs. These "production" social farms employ people, whose are in any way disadvantaged in the labor market.

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Why is agricultural and social interconnection appropriate?

Due to the nature of work, even those with low work capacity, minimal work experience or limited skills can participate in agriculture, who often manage to move from the position of a passive consumer of social services to a protected or open labor market. At the same time, people are engaged in activities that make sense not only for themselves and a specific place, but also for society as a whole. In addition, social farms are often dedicated to sustainable agriculture, which is natural for the landscape and biodiversity conservation.


Thus, their activities have a positive social, environmental and economic benefit.

Study materials on the topic of social agriculture prepared by the Association of Social Agriculture can be found here .

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