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Do you have a social farm or are you planning to start one? We're here for you! We will be happy to advise you or connect you, for example, to social farmers with many years of experience or other experts in this field.

Do you need help with a specific service? We offer assistance in the field of visibility, grant support and legal aid to social farmers or those who plan to set up a social farm. 

We provide services to those who farm on agricultural land, care for orchards, or are engaged in beekeeping, doing business in the area of primary production, where they process vegetables, fruits, herbs or bee products. On the basis of mutual respect, they create jobs for employees with specific needs, are open to cooperation and partnership approach, respect the needs of livestock and careful treatment of land and landscape in their practice, and want to realize their goal, which is not exclusively about profit maximization.

The services are also intended for projects that are being prepared and want to implement the above in the future, organic farms that want to integrate elements of social agriculture into their operation. 

For more information about the services, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to discuss with you free of charge which services would be suitable for your company.


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Grant Service

Do you lack funds for the operation of the farm or for a new project?


We work with a grant specialist who will try to find financing for your project. Initial consultations are free.


Are you looking for new sales channels?

We have prepared an overview of sales channels for you and we can mediate some of the options for you or connect you to those who will help you.

Legal services

Do you need help with legal matters?

We work with lawyers who are interested in helping social farmers.

Employment Department

Do you have a farm and want to provide job opportunities for those disadvantaged on the labor market as part of your operation?

We can help you with that too...

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