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Interviews not only with farmers


"We try to make the Pastvina community garden synonymous with a safe space. By" community "we mean a community of people, animals and plants, but also things. We firmly believe in recycling down to the marrow. We build from waste materials, we give space and new meaning to animals. "No one else cared about, and we treat people in the same way. Homeless women from the organization At Home, People with Mental Illness or Other Otherness have found employment with us."

Anna Stella - co-founder of the Pastvina Community Garden


"I would like to employ women with small children and people with disabilities. I belong to this group myself and I know how big a problem it is to find a job if you need a flexible job because of the children and you can't do some health work for that reason."

Andrea Novotná - owner of the bee farm AnnKas sro

"People from different backgrounds often come together for seasonal work here, and those who live on the margins of society for various reasons are no exception. she wanted to hire her in the future, but at the moment I can't afford it. Maybe it's thanks to SoFarm that she can find savings in other areas. "

Helena Neumennová - co-founder of Lavender Valley

Helena tančí v poli při sklizni.jpg

"A well-built social farm is an excellent example of local cooperation, sustainable development. It is a place that not only produces quality local food, but also helps to employ people from target groups of social entrepreneurship and also creates the possibility of drawing financial support for employment in cooperation with the employment office. The biggest problem for farms is clearly low competitiveness in terms of costs, staff performance, which affects the price of the product. It's not just food factories, it's places that help people find their way. "

Ferdinand Raditsch - CEO  Flower Garden

Hlavní budova Květné Zahrady v Květné u Poličky.jpg
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