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Where can I sell my products?

It is of course ideal to ensure sales in the immediate vicinity, but it is not always possible -

in that case, the more distant ones come next.

Here is an overview of sales channels, which we will continuously supplement and update, as well as the possibilities with which we can help.

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Yard sale

The advantage is that you do not have to carry the products anywhere. However, it carries with it rules that you can find for examplehere. At the same time, people need to know about you - to be seen online. 

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Crates - KPZ

Community-supported agriculture is a partnership between the farmer and the consumer. Consumers know where their food comes from and a farmer who has regular customers can easily plan his harvest.. 

You can find more informationhere.

Self collection

Those interested will come and pick their own fruit or vegetables. :)

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Farmers markets

Another option is to get involved in farmers' markets.

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Local community (neighbors, restaurants, shops, etc.)

Explore options in your area. 

If it doesn't work in the area, then look for it in a more distant area. Health food stores, packaging-free stores or possibly social enterprises can be good places to start.

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An option is your own e-shop or listing products in already taken ones

e-shops such asRohlí, where we can help you with listing. Further, for

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