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Financing for your project

Expert consultation and guidance in the field of grants.


Are you an existing or emerging social farm and need help obtaining financing for your further development? 


We established cooperation with a grant specialist who is interested and wants to contribute to the development of social farms. We act as a bridge between you and the specialist and are here for you whenever you need throughout the process. At the same time, we guarantee the service.

The grant service includes free initial consultations and an estimate of the total amount.

There are no strings attached - we just want to help :).


What is included in the service?

  • regular monitoring and identification of subsidy sources,

  • consultancy in the initial stages of the project – determination of goals, activities, project content and conditions for its implementation,

  • coordination of preparatory work – designers, budget managers, partner entities, supervision of the preparation of mandatory annexes, etc.,

  • preparation of feasibility studies and cost-benefit analyses,

  • processing a complete application for financing,

  • the implementation of tenders, from the processing of tender documents to the evaluation of tenders and the announcement of results,

  • coordination of suppliers during project implementation,

  • management of project activities with regard to the conditions of the grant,,

  • processing monitoring reports and payment requests,

  • processing of final reports and reports on project sustainability.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at

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Grant Service

Do you lack funds for the operation of the farm or for a new project?


We will connect you with a grant specialist who will try to find financing for your project (the initial consultation with an estimate of the check amount is free).


Are you looking for new sales channels?

We have prepared an overview of sales channels for you and we can mediate some of the options for you or connect you to those who will help you.

Legal services

Do you need help with legal matters?

We work with lawyers who provide you with their services at discounted prices.

Employment Department

Do you have a farm and want to provide job opportunities for those disadvantaged on the labor market as part of your operation?

We can help you with that too...

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