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Our vision is self-confident, socially beneficial and economically sustainable social farms. 

We support farmers who create jobs for people with various types of disabilities. 


We help to name the problems that social farmers face and with expert services we remove obstacles.

We provide services in cooperation with professionals which are interested in offering social farms their services at discounted price.

We regularly organize seminars and joint meetings.

Create conditions for meetings, natural transfer of knowledge and information. We support mutual assistance and collegiality.

Domů: About


The project grew out of the belief that social farms and the people who run them deserve attention and support . We value everyone who creates a safe space where people with different disabilities and needs can find work. Thanks to them, these people become natural part of the community and can develop and fulfill their unique potential.  


Our goal in the Czech Republic is to build a network of social farms in which individual farmers share information with each other, help each other and thanks to that maximize the impact of their work, both in the area of employing clients from target groups and in the area of producing sustainable and quality food.


We do realize that the line between when we as a people offer help and when we need it, whether temporarily or permanently, can be surprisingly thin. We fulfill visions that we consider good for society, the landscape and the whole planet. We create a secure space based on mutual trust .

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